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international escrow and things

>International Escrowed Encryption
>Dorothy E. Denning, Georgetown University
>John Droge, Mykotronx, Inc.

 Boy, doesn't this just give you a warm and fuzzy feeling?

 "Sorry I couldn't attend your conference Dorothy, I was busy doing
my cryptography homework."

 On the subject of remailers, I just had a thought. What about a
series of "meta-remailers" known only to the remailer operators?

 Is this just a case of meta-security through obscurity?

 Then there's that pesky "web of trust" thing....

Brian Williams

"Cryptocosmology: Sufficently advanced communication is
                  indistinguishable from noise." --Steve Witham

 "Have you ever had your phones tapped by the government? YOU WILL
  and the company that'll bring it to you....  AT&T" --James Speth