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Re: Laws Outside the U.S.

Tim May writes:

> Indeed. One of the mysteries is why so few French are on our list...I
> can't recall any, actually. Their country has some of the most
> draconian laws, it is alleged, and, as Phil notes, an active SDECE
> industrial espionage unit.

I noticed the following in sci.crypt recently.  There are some useful crypt-
analysis papers in the archive, among other things:

> From [email protected] Wed Sep 14 11:52:18 EDT 1994
> Subject: New WWW-Crypto-server
> Organization: Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France
> We are happy to annonce the birth of the html pages of our team :
> http://www.ens.fr/equipes_dmi/grecc
> Most of our papers are available.
>  --Serge for the GRECC team.

The French company BULL makes a nice encrypting laptop computer, called
"Sub Rosa", which is used by Canada's Department of national revenue auditors.

Alex Brock