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Re: META: Tim's FAQ, ftp to chaos

>About retreiving the gopher files via ftp: I'm not sure it is set up
>for that yet.  Chael has put in quite a bit of work over the summer,
>including updating gopher daemon, and he did mention he would like to
>make the heirarchy available via anonymous ftp, or perhaps move the
>gopher directory (currently a subdirectory of my home) into the
>anonymous ftp area.  However, I'm not sure if this has been done yet,
>or is doable, etc.
>If there is sufficient interest though, I could place the chapters of the
>FAQ into the cypherpunks/incoming directory for the time being.
>Karl L. Barrus: [email protected]         

     The Cypherpunks gopher hierarchy that was under Karl's home 
directory has been officially moved to ~ftp/cypherpunks.  Gopher should 
work as normal and all of the files should be FTPable as well!


Chael Hall, [email protected]