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Re: Reserved DC-Net IP addresses

[email protected] (Doug Cutrell):
[I haven't seen this on the list yet, but it looks as if it was meant for all]
> Subject: Re: Reserved DC-Net IP addresses

> I think you miss the point... there is a need to have a specific
> "broadcast" IP address that "speaks" for the whole DC-net.  This is so that
> someone from within the net can send a message anonymously to *outside* the
> net.  The members within the net could use standard IP addresses, I would
> presume.

Eric was talking about formally allocating a range of addresses for IP. That's
like putting up an RFC for each remailer, to 'notarize' the fact that the 
remailer is not the real source.

Any IP address can be the apparent source for the DC-Net messages. It only
has to be acknowledged by all the participants (just as remailer users have
to know about the mailer address). You may need to publicize a _disclaimer_
as IP packets don't carry Comment: lines. You don't need to formally allocate
the address, though, and certainly shouldn't have to go to the IETF - that's
hardly anarchy! One might have DCN IPs bouncing just as remailers do, and
use DCNping to see which are up ;-)

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