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RE: IBM-Led Consortium. Any thoughts?

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This just in.  I haven't seen it posted so I thought I would.

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  As overall Program Manager, IBM will manage the system design, development,
and integration, as well as the establishment of commercial channels for
delivery of the project's resultant software products, planned for completion
in 1998. IBM also will be responsible for skills transfer through its CIM in
Higher Education Alliance, a nationwide IBM-sponsored organization consisting
of 97 U.S. colleges, universities and technical institutions.

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Whether or not it works depends on how much IBM is willing/able to let the 
other players do what they're good at without sticking more than 2 or 3 
of it's thumbs in everything.

From a C'punk perspective, I notice there isn't any specific mention of 
security or privacy in it.

From a "consumer" view, they don't seem to be bothering to ask anyone what 
they want - looks like "Here's what we're gonna do, like it or lump it." :-(

I wonder how much good it would do to email some folks on the list with a 
list of concerns about the project?

Dave Merriman
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