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Re: kerberosV telnet

Jef Poskanzer says:
> "That turns out not to be the case."  The version of CNS that we have
> doesn't have any encryption beyond DES.  4.4BSD telnet is basically
> identical to kerberosV telnet, and the only encryption it has is DES.

The 4.4 telnet is NOT identical. Its much better code, has lots of
neat new capabilities that you probably want, is more modular, and the
versions I saw had hooks for D-H and the like, which is where most of
the work is -- you can get the D-H code from RSAREF and steal the IDEA
code from PGP; from there the changes are small. And yes, I assumed
that you didn't have an encrypted telnet at all. It would not have
been a stupid assumption to make because this request occurs on
Cypherpunks at four month intervals.