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Fwd: Anonymous Long Distance Phone Calling

I thought this might be of interest to cypherpunks.  Especially the part
about encryption...  I would also be interested to know if anyone has
dealt with this company (reputation and so on).

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Date: Sat, 24 Sep 94 13:57:47 EDT
Subject: Re: Anonymous Long Distance Phone Calling

Call the U.S. and most of the world withoutmaking a permanent record on your
telephone bill of whom you are calling. When you utilize these phone cards
(debit calling cards), you take the first step in achieving complete privacy
in your long distance phone or fax calling.  
The phone card is used like any other phone cards, instead of making a
permanent record of your call with either  a calling card or charged to  your
 home phone, you use a  pre-paid debit card.  Useage is very simple:You first
call a toll-free 800 number,  and then you will be instructed by the computer
to enter your PIN number. The computer  will notify you of how many $ worth
of calls you have left. Then you will be able to call your long distance
number (U.S. or worldwide) with complete anonymity.  The card can be used
from any touch-tone phone, at home, the office or on the road from any pay
phone without needing any coins.  The computer will notify you when you have
only one minute left on your card.
You send a $50 or $100 blank Cashier's check, or  cash,  to the address
stated below.  I have purchased a pile of PIN cards and I randomly select one
and send it to you.  The company I buy these cards from, keeps no records,
 if they did, all records of sales  are to me in my name unfortunately.   I
keep no records of addresses or PIN numbers who I am sending to.  After you
receive your card you go about making your calls and then when you want to
add more time to your calling card (recharge the card),   This is where you
gain another level of privacy, because I step out of the loop and you will
communicate with Traceless, the providing company, directly.  You send a
money order or cash and your PIN number to the address provided on the card
and they will recharge the anonyous PIN number with the amount sent.  You put
 no name or return address on the envelope.  Since all they did was send a
pile of cards to me and I sent them out they have no way of knowing who what
or where the cards went to.  Alternatively, for  those  who have an offshore
 Visa, MasterCard or American Express  accounts,  you can set it  up  so that
your PIN account can be credited by certain amounts when  you hit a certain
key while making phone calls to the special 800 number.  If this  option is
appealing to  you, let me know and I can send some more information.  Also
for  those  that  need voice encryption that option is available.  Again  if
 you want more  info on this let  me know.
When making long distance calls the charge will be 35 cents per minute
anywhere in the United States.  If  you make calls to  Canada the  charge  is
70 cents.  Prices to other parts of the world depend on where. If  you need
the list of the countries and their charges let me know, most countries of
the world except some third world countries. If you have anymore questions
please let E-mail me and I will try to answer them.Otherwise mail your checks
and take your first step towards greater telecommunications privacy.  Reach
out and call  without your telephone bill reaching back and haunting you. 

R & L
PO Box 1492
Yakima, Wa. 98901