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Re: TIS, SKE, & CyberCash Inc.

Perry E. Metzger wrote:

> They can build what they like, Tim. The protocols being defined right
> now by the IETF do not include provisions for escrow. Thus far, no one
> from the NSA, or even TIS, has come up to me and said that I should
> change the draft RFCs that I am writing. Any such OS support for SKE
> in Microsoft software would not be interoperable with anyone else's
> software. Since the bulk of the internet does not run on Microsoft
> platforms, and since Microsoft doesn't sell things like routers and
> the like, even Microsoft has to interoperate if they want their
> packets to move past the local ethernet.

Good! I'm glad to hear that such developments make a "takeover" of
Internet protocols less likely. 

(Even better might be a heavy international involvement, with folks
from countries that are not malleable and controllable by the New
World Order Task Force.)

Despite my periodic alarms, I'm pretty optimistic about our chances
for escaping the "Big Brother Inside" future--my Cyphernomicon should
make this optimism clear.

Although I'm an admitted extremist in my views, I do try to steer
clear of the two extremes:

Extreme 1: It's all over. Big Brother is here. Give up.

Extreme 2: We've already won. It's all over. They can do nothing to us.

I think we're somewhere in between, with some frightening laws on the
horizon (look at the War on Drugs, civil forfeiture, tax laws,
currency reporting requirements, health care proposals, etc.), but
also with some new "degrees of freedom" that make control very

The war isn't over yet.

--Tim May

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