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Re: Chomsky (Thread from Hell)

In article <[email protected]>,
 <[email protected]> wrote:
>	But who pays attention to what Chomsky thinks (say, by 
>comparison to others similarly inclined).


>	He isn't the only one who ever has, or ever will, advocate 
>such things.  He's not on the board of directors of the NII, is 
>he; or  how does he exert influence?


>	So is it Chomsky, or his fans who are the problem?  And how do 
>they succeed in making themselves influential?


>	This type of person is interchangeable:  they could follow 
>someone (like Chomsky) today or someone else tomorrow.  

>	It looks as though you are simply fighting the ideas which 
>many people have always found to their advantage to believe, 
>but I can't see where Chomsky is the only & most important 
>reason why they are willing to think as they do.  So -  those 
>are my comments on Chomsky, about which I will write no more, 
>as he doesn't sound interesting at all to pursue.

Amazing.  Truly amazing.

You could try actually reading what the man's written before dismissing
him on one person's inflamatory rhetoric.  I assure you, what he has to
say is quite interesting, whether you agree with it or not (I don't
always): it's just not worth arguing with someone who claims to know
what Chomsky believes better than Chomsky does.
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