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Chomsky quote (thread from hell)

What does James Donald believe Chomsky believes?

>   Of course Noam Chomsky is optimistic - he favors limitless and
>   absolute state power and the forcible and violent silencing of all
>   those who deviate from political correctness.

What does Chomsky believe Chmosky believes?

>Noam Chomsky, in a 4/16/94 e-mail response to a question from Steve
>Shalom, says:
>   In my opinion, not only mainstream intellectuals but also others
>   who produce a constant stream of lies, distortion, racist screeds,
>   etc., should be permitted freedom of speech.  The state should not
>   have the power to stop them.  The same freedom extends to
>   hypocrites, like faculty senates who choose one particularly and
>   usually quite marginal example because career and power interests
>   are served thereby, while ignoring vastly more significant and
>   awful cases because the opposite is true.  And Congress, of which
>   the same is correct.

(BTW, I must admit that Cypherpunks is the last place I expected to
 find someone who doesn't think that control over information flow is
 real power: that's the thesis that lies at the center of most of
 the Chomsky statements that have been attacked).

	-- Todd