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Quantum cryptanalysis thread on sci.crypt

Constraints of time mean I've been skimming thru' c'punx a bit lately,
but I was wondering if anyone here has  any views on the quantum
crytanalysis thread that has been gracing sci.crypt of late.
I haven't noticed it here but maybe I missed it (in which case - sorry guys).

I first read about it in New Scientist (24 Sept 94) No 1944, p 21.
the upshot being that if there is any mileage in the quantum computing
idea, then  it may lead to computers that can rapidly factorise
primes (not good news for RSA).
The main objections of skeptics are that noise/defects of manufacture make such
quantum computers unfeasible. On the other hand, the New Scientist Article 
suggests that the technology for making a quantum computer may not be that
far away. This may be just sensationalism, but even if its only a
dim possibility in 25 years time its got to be worth a mention.

Given the recent developments in materials science I don't think the
possibility of manufacturing such things can be ruled out as some
suggested on sci.crypt. The matter of being swamped by noise may be
an insurmountable problem, and  anyway is not something I am qualified to 
comment on. 

Any well informed people out there with any comments?