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SUFFERANCE remailers

                  SUFFERANCE REMAILERS

   Definition of SUFFERANCE REMAILER: A remailer that exists only so
long as the U.S. Feds get around to outlawing it.; a sitting duck
remailer. ; a remailer whose physical location may easily be found.;
a remailer whose operator is vulnerable to the State's gun argument.;
currently, the only kind of remailer there is.

   Definition of FORTRESS REMAILER: A remailer whose physical location
cannot be found. ; a remailer that does not require the consent of
the State. ; a Freedom remailer.

   Anybody got any idea at all how to build a Fortress remailer?
                                             PUSH EM BACK! PUSH EM BACK!
                                             WWWAAAYYY  BBBAAACCCKK!
                                             BBBBEEEAAATTTT  STATE!