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Re: Sufferance remailers

On Wed, 28 Sep 1994, Dave wrote:

> The local phone calls don't create toll records, nor will
> a tap or pin register, since the forwarding occurs in the
> phone co. central office.

I dont know about you but the local phone service here, GTE, does keep 
records like that. Anyway you are basicaly talking about something that 
would be beyond being worth while. 

> An important element would be to move the machine around,
> both physically and electronically, so that there was a
> moving target...and, if you were willing to accept the
> phone costs, you could set up offshore.

Shure... ...only what around $350 US to set up and register... ...that 
only takes about two weeks to get registerd with teh NIC

Groove on dude
Michael Conlen