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Re: Iraqi C-Cubed I

Timothy C. May says:
> Much more important to the survivability of Iraqi C-Cubed I was their
> use of Banyan-type networks. Links could be cut by bombs, SEAL
> sappers, etc., and then the network would reconfigure and "heal."

This was in fact perfectly normal internet technology. I design
networks like that all the time.

> Several U.S. companies supplied the technology, according to reports
> in EE Times, etc., and export laws may be changed as a result.
> (No matter, as plenty of other countries supply similar network
> topology software. The Internet is in many countries....)

Linux and NetBSD and BSDI and every other version of Unix with
networking in it can act as a router -- therefore, one would imagine
that all 386 computers should be export controlled. (The notion of
trying to control an idea as simple as automatic network routing, full
descriptions of which are in dozens of textbooks and full
implementations of which are available for free, is a joke.)