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Cypherpunks meetings in other cities

Aron Freed wrote:

> Well for me as a Daytonian living in the Midwest, I can hardly make the 
> journey out to SF every month. Maybe we could branch out Cypherpunk 
> groups as a SIG in different cities, so each city or region could have a 
> physical meeting once in a while. IT's so crazy it might work...

FYI, there have been some meetings/gatherings in cities other than the
Bay Area. Some that I recall:

* Boston/Cambridge. Had at least two, including audio links to other
sites. Derek Atkins may know more.

* Washington D.C./Northern Virginia. Ditto. Paul Ferguson and Pat
Farrell may know more.

* San Diego. Has been linked up a couple of times. Contact Phil Karn.

* Denver/Colorado. Had at least one meeting, maybe two.

* Seattle. May have had a meeting. 

* L.A. I attended one meeting down there. 

* NYC has a party put on by Eric Hughes and Matt Blaze when Eric
visited, but is not having other meetings, so far as I know (come on
Perry, Duncan, Dave, and Sandy!).

If I left your site out, don't get angry, get vocal!

I've said it in many posts, mostly a year or more ago, and I'll say it

* if you want to meet, meet. Call a meeting and see who shows up. 

* the Bay Area group has had about 24 meetings, each attended by an
average of 30 people (a couple had >50), and yet our population level
that we draw from is about 10 million, comparable to several other
large urban areas. Thus, there's no reason other areas can't get at
least a dozen or so folks.

(I live 50 miles south of the meeting site, Eric Blossom lives 70
miles north, and many others live an average of 40 miles away (SF,
Berkeley, Oakland, etc.). So no one can claim we meet because we're
all close...we're as spread out as the Denver-Fort Collins-Colorado
Springs folks are, for example.)

* So, just plan an informal gathering in your area.

"Why isn't there a sub-list to discuss this?" you may ask. Well, there
is! It exists, but is moribund (like most sub-lists, for Schelling
point reasons).

--Tim May

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