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Sandy Sandfort <[email protected]>

> negative, siege mentality.  I believe there is a place, in every
> community of fellow travelers, for humor and humanity.  That's

> Acapulco H.E.A.T., with dubious crypto and suspect technology,
> has become an inside joke for Cypherpunks.  When we watch it, we
> see things the average person misses.  This is something we
> share, and something that helps create the lighter side of
> Cypherpunk culture.

Absolutely. ;-)

You notice that I don't post 'please stop that' every time you come up with
another H.E.A.T. bulletin. But more than one TV serial would be a bit much.
Luckily David has assured me that his was only for one episode. He doesn't plan
to do more, but others, as he says, are welcome!

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