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[job] Mac internals Programmer

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>Subject: Mac Internals Programmer
>Date: 27 Sep 1994 12:22:26 GMT
>Organization: Delphi Internet Services Corporation
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Peak Technical Services, Inc.
Peak provides a full spectrum of computer, business and engineering related
technical services professionals to companies ranging from the Fortune
500 to small local clients.
Peak offers professional positions that provide a combination of
excelent career opportunity and highly competitive compensation and
benefit packages.
My client has an immediate opening for software developers to build 
Device Drivers for Macintosh System 7. Experience with Cryptography, 
Security and System Internals are a big plus. This is a contract position
located in central Florida with a proposed duration of 3 months plus.
Paul Stuker
[email protected]
Peak Technical Services, Inc.
or 412-825-3900
Fax 412-825-3339

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