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Re: Bill of Rights <fwd>

> I'm enclosing a document put together by Frank Connolly at American
> University that is the most carefully articulated document establishing
> networking protocol I have come across.

> The original Bill of Rights explicitly recognized that all
> individuals have certain fundamental rights as members of
> the national community. In the same way, the citizens of the
> electronic community of learners have fundamental rights that
> empower them.
> Section 1.
> A citizen's access to computing and information resources shall
> not be denied or removed without just cause.

The government shall provide for the construction of the Information
Super-Highway at taxpayer expense.

> Section 2.
> The right to access includes the right to appropriate training and
> tools required to effect access.

The government shall provide free computers to the public, and for
related training and educational programs, and for the creation,
support, and maintenance of a beauracracy to support the above, all at
taxpayer expense.

> Section 3.
> All citizens shall have the right to be informed about personal
> information that is being and has been collected about them, and
> have the right to review and correct that information,.  Personal
> information about a citizen shall not be used for other than the
> expressed purpose of its collection without the explicit
> permission of that citizen.

Privacy shall be violated to protect privacy.

> Section 4.
> The constitutional concept of freedom of speech applies to
> citizens of electronic communities.

Void where prohibited, taxed, licensed, or export controlled.

> Section 5.
> All citizens of the electronic community of learners have
> ownership rights over their own intellectual works.

The SPA shall have the right to perform searches and seizures of private
property, without permission, when such action is necessary to further
the War on Software Piracy.


I refuse to waste my time reading the rest of this socialist garbage...