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Re: commerical busters

 ON: 31-JUL-1995 20:14:46.10, [email protected] wrote:
> At 8:50 PM 07/31/95, Patrick May wrote:
> >     My dim memories from a project I did for Sony a couple of years
> >ago are that commercials are separated by a fixed number of black
> >frames and some, at least, have tracking information encoded so that
> >advertisers can monitor how often they are played.  I'll try to dig up
> >more info.
> From: [email protected]
>       Wednesday July 26, 1995 -- ShopTalk
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>                         By Jonathan Takiff
>                Philadelphia Daily News Staff Writer
> Already besieged by Washington politicians over the content of TV
> programming (and threats of a show-blocking chip), television
> broadcasters are about to be hit with another whammy.  This time it's
> VCRs that automatically blank out commercials.
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 Hello all,
 I have thought about this before, as usual my ideas are not new.
 My vision was like this.  
 1. Develop a few methods to recognize commercials through cable T.V.
 	a. The blank spaces between broadcasting?
 	b. Analysis of image information?
 	c. Analysis of sound information?
 	d. Understanding cable T.V. protocols?
 	e. etc? 
 2. My commerical buster would work on a delay.
 	a. The broadcast information would enter a queue.
 	b. The broadcast information would be evaulated.
 	c. If all of the tests for commericals passed, display.
 	d. If any of the tests fail, the T.V. goes blue, and
 		my CD player is served.
 	e. The time of delay is dependent on the time to analyze
 		the broadcast information.
 I wish it could happen, I hate commericals.
 Many Thanks,

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