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Re: Sex & Crime TV filter

> Wow! I think Ted just hit on something that could be used to quickly derail
> the "V-chip":
> At 4:02 PM 7/31/95, Thaddeus J. Beier wrote:
> >The chip that interprets the content does it solely based on the rating
> >information.  This is the so-called "v-chip" (v for violence, I think,
> >not for video) that you see in the press.
> ...
> >qualifications of most people.  Besides, what I would really
> >like to filter out, what I find to be incredibly violent to the
> >minds of children, is commercial advertising.  Private rating
> >services could take care of these, easily, as well.
> I agree, of course, about it not being the role of government/FCC/etc. to
> mandate such ratings, such chips, etc.
> However, to help derail this V-chip being mandated, what if we (I mean
> activists, writers of columns, etc.) "insisted" that _commercials_ be
> similarly labelled?
> "Yes, if violence and sex is to be "voluntarily rated," we think that
> commercial advertising ought to be similarly rated."
> It might be hard for the legislators to avoid the logic of this.
> Advertisers, fearing people would of course mute the commercials, would
> then quietly urge them to drop the whole idea.
> --Tim May
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