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Re: Software Glitch FYI

	I would think that it is in fact necessary for Congress to fix
their email system.  Asking me to change my work habits to make the
Congressmen's lives easier is a prime example of whats wrong with
Congress.  30 millions people should act differently so that
[email protected] doesn't have to do his job?

| A Congressman's aid called me today to explain that if you send email to all
| the Congressmen's offices at one time, the software at their end causes each
| Congressman to receive 50 copies.
| Please be sure everyone is aware of this glitch.
| To prevent 50 copies from being sent to each Congressman, it is necessary to
| break the mailing list into 5-10 addresses at a time.


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."