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Re: [NOISE] was Re: a hole in PGP

>> Anyway, after reading the crap below I have been forced to comment.
>> For an individual that parades the title of Doctor (and the indication
>> of intelligence that title should imply) you seem to lack the grasp of what
>> has been stated over and over again. If you can't study the source code,
>> find somone that you trust that can! Prove it *doesn't* work before you
>> knock it.
>So you claim that software is secure unless it has been shown to be
>insecure, while I claim it is insecure unless it has been shown to be
>secure.  Which position do you think more sensible? (rhetorical
>question, does not require any responses).

I suspect the practical point of view is more sensible, but if that's
what you meant i doubt that you would have called your question