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Re: US vs Overseas Banks

On Tue, 1 Aug 1995, Robert A. Hayden wrote:

> It's interesting to note that where I am (Mankato, Minnesota) I was able 
> to open a checking account with NO ID what so ever.  I just wrote down a 
> name and address (which is a P.O. box, BTW) and the next wee I had a box 
> of checks (free) and a ATM card (also free).
> Of course, this bank has been criticized for being somewhat lax on who 
> they give accounts to, but the point still stands.  I could have been 
> anybody, and give any false address.  *shrug*

Why should they give a damn who you are?  IMO, it's none of their 
business.  Hell, they're making $$$ on *your* deposits, it's time they 
stopped being such shits about it.
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