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Munition (RSA) Tshirt Testimonial

I got my RSA tshirt this week. It looks good! 

  - Way cool black with white lettering

  - Famous RSA code in 5 lines of perl code on front.

  - Same text represented in CODE 128 barcode
    (several bar code lines look kind of smudgy,
    I doubt that the bar code could actually be
    read by a scanner, but it looks cool!).

  - Text on back: "Warning this Tshirt is a munition, 
    ITAR section..."
I have worn the shirt out 2 times this week. Unfortunately
no one seemed to be impressed by it :-( 

Maybe I will go browsing for a Pentium system at CompUSA with
it on this week end and see if it draws any comment/notice.

I got my shirt from:

      [email protected] (Don Henson)

      Don Henson, Managing Director (PGP Key ID = 0X03002DC9)
      West El Paso Information Network (WEPIN)
      Check out The WEPIN Store at URL:

Order it one or two sizes larger than you think that you need 
for a comfortable fit!


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