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   The New Yorker of July 31 writes on the indictment of six
   lawyers in Miami on drug-conspiracy charges:

      [Ex-Fed] Abbell continued to do legal work for the 
      brothers, and in January, 1991, he hired an obscure
      Miami lawyer, Francisco Laguna, as a full-time
      associate. Laguna, who is in his thirties and was born
      in Colombia and speaks fluent Spanish, appears, from the
      indictment, to have been the most deeply immersed of all
      the lawyers in the day-to-day affairs of the Cali
      cartel. He maintained frequent contact with Miguel
      Rodriguez by public telephone. Unfortunately for Laguna,
      federal agents had obtained the code numbers of the
      debit cards he used to make his calls, and were able to
      intercept many of the conversations.