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Re: Zimmermann legal fund

MB> > an account that can be accessed over the net will be the day I close my US
MB> > accounts.
MB> Interesting idea ...
MB> 1st question or thing I would want to be certain of is the stability of the
MB> currency of the realm so to speak. I wouldn't want to bank in a country that
MB> had a weak currencey (sp) or was subject to roller coaster economics.

  Why would the currency of the country be relevant to the bank? There
is no reason why banks can not calculate balances in foreign currency. A
bank could even permit "vector balances" for accounts, such as:

                               <D, F, M, Y>

representing Dollars , (Swiss) Franks, Deutschmarks, and Yen,
respectively. One could even create a "synthetic currency" set to, say,
<.25, .4, .5, 30>, and all deposits and withdrawls would be converted
accordingly. This way, if one country blows things, you don't get hit
too hard.

  ObCrypto: Well... This will involve a bit more complicated arrangement
of finances, and add in the currency-conversion thing, so it will be
even more important to have standardized means of secure communications
with your offshore bank.

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