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Using MacPGP to revoke a key...

Sorry to bother y'all with such an amateur question, but I can't find this
in TFM, so I figured I'd ask those who are more in the know.....

Anyway, I'm considering revoking my public key because it's been out there
a while and I'm feeling the urge to change to a larger key, but I'm not
clear on how to revoke the old one. Do I just make a text file with my new
key in it, explain that I'm revoking the old one, sign it with my new key
and then post it to the list? Or do I just send it to a keyserver?

Again, I'm sorry to be asking y'all about something so easy. I don't want
to start a whole new thread about this, so if you've got something helpful
to add, please send it via private mail.


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