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Transport Layer Security (Was: Re: "Cypherpunks Write Code" as a Putdown)

Perry writes:
> I believe that between IPSP for the
> links and MOSS (and SHTTP using MOSS for document security) we should
> have the whole thing wrapped up in a couple of years. Problems still
> to solve include security for the internet's routing protocols,
> protection against denial of service attacks, etc.

Could someone say a bit more about the perceived difficulties associated
with secure network routing protocols ?  TIA.

I am not at all optimistic about defeating DoS attacks....

> Those people who would rather work than talk are invited to start
> reading the internet drafts (some of which are soon to be RFCs) and
> help out with the effort. I suspect that a big push from about 25
> people could manage to implment just about everything we want and then
> we could go on and live the rest of our lives.
> There is a lot of real hard work to do in the next year or two and I
> invite members of the community to quit waiting for the CryptoRapture
> in which the X-Ists bring down the cypher systems of the future, and
> help us actually do the job so that we'll see this stuff in our
> lifetime.

(just felt this was worth quoting)

-Futplex <[email protected]>