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Re: NYET--attempted formal specs (again)

On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Jon Lasser wrote:

> On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:
> > In fact, most religious groups are distrustful of "The Gubment" deciding
> > what's reasonable and what's not.
> Unless, of course, at that moment they happen to BE "The Gubment."
> Not always then, but sometimes.
> Jon

Precisely.  *Everyone* hates the government--everyone outside of it, that
is.  Anarchist/libertarian types are often too quick to accept people or
groups as "one of us" just because they're "against the government," 
whatever that means.  Most of them are just waiting to gain power, at
which time their true agenda will become clear soon enough, if it isn't 

The relevant example here is the religious fundamentalist kook Pat
Robertson, who IMHO cypherpunks are a little too quick to accept at his
word.  Robertson holds some pretty blatantly fascistic views--and this is
not hyperbole.  See for example the long piece about him in the New York
Review of Books a few months back.  A journalist friend of mine is also
working on a piece about one of Robertson's gurus--a fascist (again, no
exaggeration) from the 30's or 40's whose book Robertson quotes from on a
regular basis.  I've seen the book in question, and it's pretty strong
stuff.  When I learned about this connection I wasn't particularly

Personally, I don't care whether Robertson has opposed Clipper or not.  I 
won't complain, I guess, but it doesn't change my views on him.  I'm sure 
many serial killers and neo-nazis opposed Clipper too.  Fine, but it 
doesn't exactly make us best buds.


Dave Mandl
[email protected]