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NSA, NRO, and Keeping Secrets

At 7:50 PM 8/3/95, Childers James wrote:

>I'm afraid I don't follow. Are you saying that the NSA is assuming a more
>public role because (apparently) stong crypto is now widely available to
>the public? I don't see the connection between A and B if this is what
>you are claiming.
>Unless they're gearing up for a PR campaign... I wonder how the NSA has
>been portrayed in Hollywood in the past. I've just seen them mentioned in
>one movie I can think about ("Crimson Tide"). Anyone else know of references?

The NSA has been mentioned in many recent movies, even in television shows
(like "The X Files"). I haven't been keeping a list, but the last Clancy
movie, "A Clear and Present Danger," had references. And in more than one
movie the reference to "NSA agents" doing various things is made.

The NSA has a high profile today. "No Such Agency" is clearly marked as an
exit on the Baltimore-Washington highway, and of course even has a museum
open to the public.

Even the National Reconnaissance Organization is public knowledge, partly
because of the Burrows book "Deep Black," and partly because of the
controversy over the huge building out near Dulles Airport.

Some things are mostly secret, though. The cover of Consular Operations was
almost blown some years back by former agent Ludlum, but ConsOps has faded
back into obscurity.

--Tim May

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