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Re: There's a hole in your crypto...

On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Jim Ray wrote:

> >Doesn't the NSA certify the security of cryptosystems?
> >I wonder what they'd say about PGP?
> Their consultant, Prof. Dorothy Demming(sp?), has been asked this very
> question about PGP, and she deftly avoided comment on both PGP and IDEA.
> [I believe this was on NPR, but I'm not certain.] The emergence of NSA
> from absolutely secret agency to semi-public status (writing letters,
> P.R. concerns, opening a museum, etc.) at the same time as the general 
> availability of what's considered by many [including me] to be strong, 
> free, cryptography "for the masses" is interpreted by many [including me]
> as an implicit NSA comment on the availability of strong crypto in 
> general, and on the availability of PGP in particular.

I'm afraid I don't follow. Are you saying that the NSA is assuming a more 
public role because (apparently) stong crypto is now widely available to 
the public? I don't see the connection between A and B if this is what 
you are claiming.

Unless they're gearing up for a PR campaign... I wonder how the NSA has 
been portrayed in Hollywood in the past. I've just seen them mentioned in 
one movie I can think about ("Crimson Tide"). Anyone else know of references?

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