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Did Clinton Authorize Electronic Warfare Against Davidians? (fwd)

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Subject: Did Clinton Authorize Electronic Warfare Against Davidians? (fwd)

                     AGAINST THE BRANCH DAVIDIANS?

Carol Valentine of Waco Remembrance in a release dated 7/18/95 asserts that
 the U. S. government engaged in electronic warfare against the Branch
Davidians during the siege at Waco. Actions included jamming SOS signals
being transmitted by the Davidians, jamming incoming radio and TV signals,
dismantling Mt. Carmel's ham radio tower and using sophisticated British
military hardward (perhaps manned by British military personnel) to monitor
 the Branch Davidians every action and word.

Jamming of Radio and TV Signals

President Clinton may have personally approved the radio and TV jamming
operations during the 51-day siege. Jamming of radio and TV signals is
strictly prohibited by S law and can be carried out only in extreme
situations such as war of national security emergencies. President Clinton
himself would have had to sign the order. George Zimmerlee of Marietta,
Georgia has asked Presidnet Clinton for a copy of the order bearing his
signature. The White House has refused to provide it, saying that the White
House is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act.

The FBI jammed TV and radio signals as part of its psychological warfare on
the Davidians. Signals were jammed almost completely during the day and
night to prevent the Davidians from hearing news of support from other
Americans. The only signals permitted into Mt. Carmel's airspace during the
siege were those carrying FBI news conferences in which David Koresh was
held up to scorn and the religious views of the Davidians were ridiculed.
Through listening devices, the FBI then studied the Branch Davidian
responses to the briefings:

"You could hear them yelling and screaming about (FBI agent) Ricks and
(BATF agent) Troy, yelling and screaming about (how) people were lying
about them. That came mostly from Schneider", an FBI official told the
Dallas Morning News.

The jamming equipment was supplied by the Federal Communications

Morse Code Signals Jammed

On the night of March 14, 1993 and on the following night, Morse Code
messages were flashed by Branch Davidians switching an overhead light on
and off. The message came from the fourth floor of the Mt. Carmel Center.
The flashing lights were picked up by TV cameras, caputred on video tape
and later analyzed. Associated Press issued a report stating that it had
analyzed the transmissions and that the message was this: SOS SOS SOS FBI

The MorseCode transmissions were also studies by Zimmerlee, who designs and
builds prototype electronic equipment. He is an amateur radio operator, and
holds an FCC General Radiotelephone (Operator) License. "Much of what the
Branch Davidians transmitted has been lost", says Zimmerlee. Apparently the
government was alerted of the Brnach Davidian plans by listening devices
planted inside Mt. Carmel. On the night the signal began, the FBI focused
stadium lights into the room from which the signals were being transmitted.
The Morse Code signals were obscured by the much brighter stadium lights.
In addition, a tank was pulled up directly between the light and the TV
cameras. The cameras also began panning back and forth so that viewing the
signal was interrupted during crucial transmission periods.

Interfering with SOS signals violates several international laws, including
the International Telecommunications Convention of Atlantic City, 1947
(Article 44) and the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political
Rights, Part III, Article 19. The message met the International
Telecommunication Union Rules (Article 37) definition of a distress signal.

Davidians Wayne Martin or Jeff Little, now both dead, probably sent the
code, says Zimmerlee. Both were ham radio operators, knew Morse code and
had a proficiency of 20 words per minute. "they were sending cohenert, very
readable code--exquisitly good, it was very readable", says Zimmerlee.

Ham Radio Tower Dismantled

According to Zimmerlee's research, Mt. Carmel was an FCC licensed ham radio
station. QST Magazine says Branch Davidian Wayne Martin had talked about
the existence of a ham radio tower at Mt. Carmel with another amateur
operator at Waco. The tower was an inverted "V" 14 megahertz, wire dipole
antenna with which Martin claimed to have made worldwide contact.

During the siege an FBI agent told Associated Preess that the FBI intended
to knock down Mt. Carmel's ham radio station. In a letter to Rep. Newt
Gingrich on April 21, 1994 the FBI admitted that "The Branch Davidians had
the means to send and receive communications, and the FBI took steps to
deny those communications . .."FCC has also told Zimmerlee that it has a
classified document pertaining to the amateur radio station or its

Yet footage of the Mt. Carmel Center on the day of the original BATF raid
does not show a ham radio tower. "The tower was apparently pulled up even
before helicopter gunships begin firing into Mt. Carmel by a government
operative inside Mt. Carmel. My conclusion is that the raid on Mt. Carmel
was a Military Operation, not a search. Communications in this Military
Operation was a high priority target. The government has lied about the
nature and purpose of the raid. Evidence of jamming shows that there was
something extremely danagerous about permitting the Branch Davidians to
communicate with the outside world," says Zimmerlee.

Use of Foreign Military Equipment

As reported by Linda Thompson in "Waco, the Big Lie", the British
government supplied the FBI with a multi-sensor surveillance aircraft,
equipped with forward looking infra-red radar and a low light television
camera. According to an article in "The London Sunday Times" March 21,
1993, "the siege has become a focal point for the world's Special Forces
eager to see the latest equipment being applied to a real crisis. Observer
teams from the American Delta Force and British Special Air Services have
already visited Waco". The London Times also says fibre-optic cables were
inserted within the building at Mt. Carmel and were used to relay a
full-color picture of a whole room from a lens measuring no more than
one-eighth of an inch. Government agents had infiltrated Mt. Carmel before
the raid and replaced normal telephones with converted sets which double as
microphones to relay all converation inside a room, said The Times.

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