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Re: SSLeay - Whats the story...

On Thu, 3 Aug 1995, Jason Weisberger wrote:
> Maybe I miss it, but when did this arrive?  Is anyone testing it?

I started writting the library back at the start or april.
It has been available for ftp for a month or 2 now but I'm still working 
on it.  I have only mentioned it on a few mailing lists and am holding 
off its anouncment on sci.crypt until we have the windows 3.1 DLL working 
fully (well, we have it working now but I'm still cleaning things up a 
bit :-).  It even compiles under DOS :-)

It is a free (for comercial and non-comercial use) complete 
implementation of netscapes SSL v 2.  The SSL part of the library is 
quite small, most of the rest is support routines for the x509 
environment. I have routines for DES (my libdes library), RC4, IDEA, RSA, 
MD2, MD5.  I have support routines to generate RSA private keys and I 
have programs to generate, and certify x509 certificates.
Tim Hudson has put SSL in ftp, telnet, Moasic, httpd etc.  These patches 
are available from the same ftp site.
For those in the USA, you can build to use RSAref and can build with RC4 
and or IDEA removed.

All code in this 'library' has been written by me from publicaly 
available material.  Documentation of the non SSL part is quite small 
since I have mostly been coding and nearly all of this work has been done 
outside of my normal work hours.

People have been using the library quite a bit, and we can interoperate 
with netscape secure servers and their clients (if we have a certificate 
signed by netscape).

Have a play and please send me any comments :-)



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