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NIST/NCSSC National Information Systems Security Conference

A couple of days ago I got a booklet about the 
"18th National Information Systems Security Conference 
(formerly the National Computer Security Conference) "
being held October 10-13 in Baltimore.  

Just a little excerpt about it:

One of the tracks is "The Internet and Beyond"
Several of the sessions look rather interesting.
The "Management and Administration" track includes 
at least two sessions by D. Denning of Georgetown Univ.
One of them is "Legalities: Will Encryption Keep Out Hackers"
and the other is "Critical Factors of Key Escrow Encryption 
Systems".  The first of those has a panel of S. Bellovin of AT&T,
M. Higgins of DISA, S. Kent of BBN, and E. Spafford of COAST.

So, is this a converence that is really worth something,
or something that the management heads might learn something at? ;-)

I guess that ordering my personal set of the Rainbow books
gets me on more lists than I thought :-)

Dan Oelke                                  Alcatel Network Systems
[email protected]                             Richardson, TX