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Re: PC E-cash (NewsClip)

>Secret Service Says Student Used PC To Print Money


This reminds me of something which happened to me last week in a Burger King in Chelsea(MA), where the skipper now keeps the boat I grind winches on. I'm paying for my lunch and the cashier takes out a felt-tip pen and puts a little mark on my $10 bill.  She tells me that if the pen-stroke turns yellow instead of the black one she got with mine, the bill is counterfeit.  She told me she got yellow mark on $10 bill once. Go figure.

So now, we have a working miniumum competitive cost of on-line digital cash verification. The amortized cost of the ink it takes to verify a piece of paper cash. What? 20 cents worth of ink? .002 cents?

More fun with numbers, 
Bob Hettinga

P.S. We just put in 12 volt power for the Mac. I also bought an inverter. 
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