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Re: IPng6, SWIPE, ssh, etc.

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

> I'm interested in hacking Linux, loopback userspace drivers for other Unix's,
> and thinking about what would need to be done for MS-BLECH.  Of course,
> firewall like conversion of IP<->IPng6 would be great.

Please keep me informed of your progress.  Does anyone out there have a 
somewhat comprehensive listing of these or other implementations 
already ported to Linux?  I am intending on setting up an alternative 
site for folks with nosey or suppressive employer accounts or private 
university accounts who desire an anonymous account somewhere else.

> Of course now that Linux has IP aliasing, IP masquerading (partial I think),
> ipfw, and IP over IP tunneling, it has much of what it needs.  I'm just
> considering development and migration paths.

While they are getting better and better, I am not certain that anything 
is ready to be deemed as secure as it can be.

> I haven't kept up on IPng6 docs, so succinct pointers would be helpful.

In that same spirit, does anyone have pointers to Linux specific security 
implementations.  I would also be interested in ported implementations of 
remailers, or other annonymity protecting services.

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