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Secure FileSystem vs Secure Device

         Secure FileSystem vs Secure Device


   I have been studing the software package SFS110 ( Secure File-
System) version 1.10 by Peter Gutmann. I originally wanted to use
SECDEV (Secure Device) but mistook Secure File System for it. I have
heard references to Secure Device on Cypherpunks but I have heard
nothing about Secure FileSystem.

   Does anyone have knowledge of both of these systems & can give me
advice on which is superior? Also, I found Secure Device compressed
with a .arj compression system. What is this compression method? Is
there a DOS version of Secure Device?

   I have done some preliminary reading of Secure FileSystem & I find
it to be very impressive! So, why no mention on Cypherpunks? Is Secure
Device that much superior or has Secure FileSystem just been over-
looked? Also, what are the latest version numbers of both of them?

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