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Re: addressing

John Young wrote:

Gotta love the perspective John brings to something such as e-mail addresses.

> Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Alan 
> Pugh") on Sat, 05 Aug 10:24 PM

>    If your friend's CBO is like Forest City Ratner, a
>    Trump-wanna-be developer pack of urban rabid-rat-infestors,
>    then the system was probably set up by a
>    do-anything-for-a-fee consultant to a paranoidal CEO who
>    buys oddles of pseudo-technical gimmicks for corporate
>    obfuscation as a means to pyramidially distance hirself
>    from the lowly mite-interminators minimally-paid to
>    meta-desecrate the hiroshima

Lemme guess, you've read Stand on Zanzibar and liked the news reports?

So you may wonder -- "But what does that have to do with me?"  
Answer: I have locked horns with "The Devil", buddy boy, 
and compared to  him, you ain't sh**.
 Brian Francis Redman to Chip Berlet