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Encrypted internet traffic to Singapore??

A client of mine wishes to set up a connection to their
Singapore office using the internet rather than a dedicated 
leased line.

They would like to encrypt the data going between the branch
office in Singapore and the home office in California. 

I am considering using something like swIPe for this? Seem reasonable?
The data is not very secret, they merely wish to foil 'hacker' type

Also, what are the legal ramifications? Can I get an export license 
for this? Is there an encryption method that doesn't require an
export license?  What laws does Singapore have on encryption?

Is swIPe legal? That is, are any patents being misappropriated by the
current version?  I see announcements on this list about DH and Public 
Key software being released. I would assume that these software tidbits 
are technically illegal for commercial use?