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FC's Typs? (NewsClip)

FBI may have partial set of Unabomber's prints

Washington, Aug. 6 (Reuter) -- The FBI may have a partial set
of fingerprints from the elusive Unabomber, now considered the
country's most wanted man, Newsweek magazine reported Sunday.

The partial set of prints, lifted from an explosive device
mailed several years ago, were uncovered with newly available
forensic technology, the magazine said.

While not certain the fingerprints belong to the serial
bomber, the report said federal agents believe that
identifying the prints could lead them to the Unabomber, whose
letter bombs have killed three people and injured 23 others
over 17 years.

Federal agents are seeking the bomber by looking for machines
he might use to construct his home-made pipe bombs, and are
trying to track the manual typewriter used to write the
bomber's lengthy anti-technology manifestos, Newsweek