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See y'all in a while....

I'm leaving the list for a while while I try to work out a different
way of accessing the net. In short, I've grown dissatisfied with my
ISP and need some time to think things through before making other
arrangements. It's too frustrating sorting through all of this mail
without proper filtering scripts like I had set up back at srl03.

And news is kind-of beside the point: the news server is always
full, and rejects any attempt to post because of lack of space.

In the meantime, while y'all discuss all that stuff about logical
proofs and the like, please, _please_, stay away from crosswalks?

I'll probably make another attempt at downloading pgp262s.zip before
I shut this down... the first two times the modem (I think theirs)
went flaky and dropped the connection on me.

Okay. time to see if the signature service works. Later, dudes.

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