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Announce: Private Idaho 2.5 beta

The 2.5 beta version of Private Idaho is now available from:



ftp.eskimo.com /u/j/joelm/pidho25b.zip

After I'm satisfied it is relatively bug free, it will be announced to the appropriate newgroups and placed on mirror sites.

Significant enhancements include:

   send SMTP mail directly from Private Idaho
   attach sigs
   conventional PGP encryption option
   anonymous USENET posting through supporting remailers
   improved multi-key interface

The final release will also have full Windows-style help as well as an automated installation program.

This is my first venture into writing TCP/IP - Windows Sockets code.  The SMTP routines seem to work with my ISP, but we'll see what happens on other mail servers.  Coming attractions - once I determine the TCP/IP code is stable, I plan on implementing POP3 background checking for PGP messages.

As usual, comments, questions, and bugs to:

[email protected]

Joel McNamara
[email protected] - http://www.eskimo.com/~joelm for PGP key
Thomas Jefferson used strong crypto, shouldn't you?