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Re: Crypto = Competitive Advantage?

>     Date: Wed, 09 Aug 1995 10:17:30 -0400
>     From: Duncan Frissell <[email protected]>
>     I was watching CNBC this morning while reading my mail and they had a story
>     on the Netscape Communications IPO (ticker NSCP btw).
> Apparently the opening price was doubled very shortly before the IPO
> (late yesterday afternoon) from $14 to $28.  By lunch-time (in NYC),
> shares were trading at $72.

Amazing aint it - a moron girl at Goldman Sachs of course told me I was 
crazy and anyone who felt Netscape was going to go over the top was a moron.

I guess these corporate types are going to have to get used to the idea 
that the "net" is here to stay and a huge industry to boot.