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Re: Crypto = Competitive Advantage?

Jason Weisenberger writes:
>  > Apparently the opening price was doubled very shortly before the
>  IPO > (late yesterday afternoon) from $14 to $28.  By lunch-time
>  (in NYC), > shares were trading at $72.
>  Amazing aint it - a moron girl at Goldman Sachs of course told me
>  I was crazy and anyone who felt Netscape was going to go over the
>  top was a moron.

It may have "opened" at $28, but the first bid was $71 and now it's trading  
at $50something.  Not quite so spectacular as at first glance...  So unless  
you shorted it or were an insider it wasn't such a hot thing (so far).   
Quarterdeck is probably a better buy.

ob crypto:  the "top secret" source just posted looks interesting... 64-bit  
blocks, 80-bit keys, 32 rounds hmmmm....