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This summer's special delivery?

At 11:59 PM 8/9/95, Matt Blaze wrote:

>Someone sent me (to my bell labs address) a copy of this this afternoon via
>an anon server in the netherlands.  It looks like others got it as well, and
>it appears to have been posted to the cypherpunks list, though it hasn't
>yet shown up here from the list (my mail seems to be slow today).  Did
>anyone else have a copy mailed directly to them?

I got a copy mailed to me directly as well. I don't know why he/she/it sent
it me, but I got it.

I have nothing further to add on this. But recall that it was just about
this time last year--just before Crypto--that the "alleged RC4 code" was
posted anonymously to the list.


--Tim May

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