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IPSEC goes to RFC

RFCs 1825, 1826, 1827, 1828, and 1829 came out today.

These RFCs describe in detail the IPSEC protocol, which is designed to
secure the internet from the ground up. IPSEC permits the
cryptographic encapsulation of all your IP traffic, which means all
your internet communications.

IPSEC is now a Proposed Standard.

Please read them and help us in the effort to universally deploy this

Still to come will be a key management system. The current notion is
to store RSA keys in the DNS -- a proposal to do this made by Eastlake
and Kaufman has been accepted by the IETF. Eastlake is now working on
a certificate format that will be an alternative to X.509. The keys
will be used by a modified version of the STS protocol (a signed
Diffie-Hellman exchange) that is being worked on by Phil Karn -- the
key management system is to be called "Photuris" and is currently an
internet draft.

Again, *we need your help*. Cypherpunks write code. Help us make the
internet safe for personal privacy by contributing to this effort.