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Legislative One-Liners

-- [ From: J. Kent Hastings * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --


DANGER: Legislature In Session! 

"One-Liners" List of 104th Congress privacy legislation. 
Latest update: 8/1/95.

The overview compiled by the Electronic Privacy Information Center 
(EPIC), [email protected], http://www.epic.org is edited here into single 
line entries by J. Kent Hastings, [email protected], Assistant Director 
of the Agorist Institute, http://www.pinsight.com/~zeus/agorist/

The full text of pending bills, and other legislative materials is 
available from cpsr.org /cpsr/privacy/epic/104th_congress_bills/

- -- House Bills -- 

Taking Back Our Streets (HR 3). Limits sanctions for illegal searches. 
Personal Responsibility (HR 4). Databases of new hires and child support. 
Risk Assessment (HR 9). Government Information Locator Service (GILS).
FBI Counterintelligence (HR 68). Easier access to credit reports by FBI. 
Electronic Anti-Stalking (HR 112). Electronic harassing a federal crime. 
Obscenity and Computers (HR 121). Network obscenity 10-year fed penalty.
Quality Assurance in Drug Testing (HR 153). Requirements for drug testing.
Individual Privacy Protection (HR 184). New national privacy commission. 
Interstate Child Support (HR 195). New hires database, IRS collection.
Export Administration (HR 361). Studies software encryption overseas. 
Antitrust Reform (HR 411). Orders FCC privacy survey, limits CPNI.
Postal Privacy (HR 434). Prohibits P.O. selling info to direct marketers. 
Fair Health Information Practices (HR 435). Health care privacy bill.
Restricted Explosives Control (HR 488). Federal permits, even black powder.
Social Security Anti-Fraud (HR 502). Telephone verification of applicants.
Immigration Reform (HR 560). Tamperproof ID cards for immigrants.
Consumer Reporting Reform (HR 561). Limits cost and use of credit reports.
Enforce Employer Sanctions (HR 570). SS card w/fingerprint, barcode, photo. 
Exclusionary Rule Reform (HR 666). Violates 4th Amendment, except IRS/BATF. 
Criminal Alien Deportation (HR 668). Wiretaps OK for illegal immigration.  
Illegal Immigration Control (HR 756). Wiretaps, machine SSN I.D., databases.

Child Support Responsibility (HR 785). Parents SSN birth/marriage documents.
Paperwork Reduction (HR 830). Coordinates federal information policy.
Comprehensive Antiterrorism (HR 896). "Terrorist organization" fund raising.
Child Support Enforcement (HR 906). Allows access to all financial records. 
Communications Decency Act (HR 1004). Same as Exon bill in Senate (S 314).
Illegal Immigration Control (HR 1018). Tamper proof Social Security cards.
Welfare Transformation (HR 1157). Database of new employees, parent locator.
American Health Security (HR 1200). Health records database for research.
Food Stamp Simplification (HR 1214). Increases SSN use. Electronic benefits.
Basic Health Care (HR 1234). Weak limits on medical information access.
Sexual Crimes Against Children (HR 1240). New penalties, computer networks.
DNA Identification (HR 1241). Revises funding authorized for Violent Crime. 
Family Stability (HR 1250). Database of employees, parents, more SSN use. 
Family Privacy Protection (HR 1271). Prohibits questionnaires of minors.
Revise Aliens and Nationality laws (HR 1292). Employment verification card.
Children's Media Protection (HR 1390). "V-Chip" TV filtering, ratings.
Communications Act of 1995 (HR 1555). Privacy of customer info, except CDA.
Antiterrorism Amendments (HR 1635). Eases wiretaps, credit report evidence.
Quality Assurance in Drug Testing (HR 1706). Standards for drug testing.
Comprehensive Antiterrorism (HR 1710). Eases wiretaps, credit evidence.
Constitutional Rights Oversight (HR 1738). Creates inspector general review.
Prevent Fraud in Health Care (HR 1758). Sharing of medical information.
Health Information Modernization (HR 1766). Health Information Network.
Counterterrorism Research (HR 1847). New DOJ surveillance and tracking.
High Risk Drivers (HR 1866). SSN as common identifier for drivers liscenses.
Health Care and Paperwork Reduction (HR 1912). Magnetic ID, SSN/health plan.
Immigration in the National Interest (HR 1915). More wiretaps, bank records.
Internet Freedom and Family Empowerment (HR 1978). On-line srvc screening.
Parental Control Inappropriate Programming(-ed.) (HR 2030). Another V-Chip.

  --  Senate Bills -- 

Violent Crime Control (S 3). OK's illegal search, wiretaps by foreign govts.
Family Health Insurance Protection (S 7). Democratic health care bill.
Exclusionary Rule Limitation (S 54). OK's violations of 4th Amendment.
Paperwork Reduction Act (S 244). Government Information Locator Svc (GILS).
Immigrant Control (S 269). National registry for workplace verification.
Private Long-Term Care (S 294). Creates "health information network".
Communications Decency Act (S 314). Outlaws sexual and anonymous messages.
High-risk Drivers Act (S 387). National system of driving records, uses SSN.
Marking of Plastic Explosives (S 390). Wiretaps terror "material support."
Interstate Child Support (S 456). Databank of new hires, SSA link.
Illegal Immigration Control (S 580). Wiretaps immigration and smuggling.
Child Custody Reform (S 632). Database of all child custody cases.
Telecommunications Competition (S 652). Restricts indecent Internet speech.
Taxpayer Browsing Protection (S 670). Stops unauthorized tax data viewing.
Child Support (S 687). Support obligation database. SSNs related documents.
Amend Fair Credit Reporting (S 709). Limits employment credit reports.
Study of Internet Pornography (S 714). Replacement for Comm Decency (S.314).
Comprehensive Terrorism (S 735). "Roving" wiretaps, Internet bomb info.
Economic Opportunity (S 746). Expands National Parent Locator Service.
Immigration Enforcement (S 754). Telephone verification for applicant SSNs.
Illegal Immigration (S 759). Database non-immigrants' entrance/exit dates.
Omnibus Counterterrorism (S 761). Pays for Digital Telephony and wiretaps.
Interstate Child Support (S 828). Both parents' SSNs birth/marriage/driver.
Real Welfare Reform (S 834). "Designated industries" support obligations.
Work and Gainful Employment (S 840). Child support, new hire, SSN documents.
Health Information Modernization (S 872). National health info network.
Protection of Children (S 892). Criminalizes indecent computer data.
Intelligence Authorization (S 922). Credit info, FBI "counterintelligence."
Interstate Child Support (S 926). Database of W-4 forms and child support.
Healthy Mothers, Healthy Children (S 933). Children's immunization database.
Information Technology Management (S 946). Chief Information Officer of OMB.
Anti-Electronic Racketeering (S 974). Bans encryption software distribution.
National Information Infrastructure (S 982) Newly defined computer crimes.
Illegal Immigration Control (S 999). Internal passport for all citizens.

- --- End of Listing ---

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