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Re: "S1" encryption system (was: this looked like it might be interesting)

George A. Corondan ([email protected]) wrote:

> > >It strikes me as rather foolish to mail off anonymous copies to several
> > >individual recipients (Matt, Perry, Tim, ...) in addition to the list, if
> > >S1 is a real leak. Why aid the traffic analysts by firing off multiple
> > >messages through the remailers ?
> > 
> > A third possibility comes to mind, that person or persons associated with
> > the list are using the post to focus on cryptographic efforts in lieu of
> > political or apocalyptic diatribes.

> how about a fourth possibility:  the government ___ agency did it.

Can't play that game too much or you'll be in a padded room somewhere, 
probably a Federal mental hospital with no name..... ;-)

> this was done to achieve two goals:

> 	1) make cypherpunks easy to villify (look at all of the nasty crypto
> 		stuff being passed to foreign nationals)

> 	2) a quick estimate of cypherpunks' ability to analyze an algorithm

I'd say it was trashed in under 5 messages.

 > am i being too paranoid?  probably, but you tell me :-).

If the algorythim is compiled, supplied with a key and decrypts skipjack
/clipper/bubbaheres then you know it's real.

So you may wonder -- "But what does that have to do with me?"  
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