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Re: "Protect the children" as passphrase to Constitution

Tim May writes:
> Clinton's Executive Order today which limits advertising of cigarettes,
> (Oh, and one amazing detail: the possible issuance of I.D. cards to all of
> those under the age of 18. Besides being useful for things like curfews,

Can someone offer a citation for this ?

I've tried to find the text of the Executive Order on the net, to no avail. 
http://docs.whitehouse.gov/white-house-publications/1995/08/ has a couple of
short fact sheets on the proposal, and transcripts of a briefing by Sec.
Shalala (DoHHS) and Dir. Kessler (FDA), Clinton's press conference, and his
opening remarks at some discussion with teens about smoking.

I couldn't find anything relevant at http://www.fda.gov/

There's an article in the LA Times (Richter/Cimons) which says:
	The landmark proposal, which could open the door to further curbs
	on tobacco, is expected to include prohibiting cigarettes sales
	to those 18 or younger, enforced by requiring proof of age with
	photo identification.
This sounds to me like a similar approach to the alcohol access protocol.

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