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Re: Bank Fees and E-Cash

On Wed, 9 Aug 1995, Black Unicorn wrote:

> - - - Bank Fees and the E-cash Niche.
> Banks have gorged themselves on rocketing fees for the last five 
> years.  The result is that typical bank customer currently pays 
> 150% of the amount of interest collected on accounts in a given 
> year in the form of fees.  My prediction, and my hope, is that e-
> cash will cut through the pretense upon which the rationalization 
> of many of these fees is based, and even market itself on this 
> point- Lower Fees.

you have surpassed yourself in assumption here A,

your hope that e-cash will some how reduce bank fees is a long stretch.
banks like their fees and the massive profits they pull too much to cut 
this part out.  they will likely charge more for the great gift of e-cash 
as if it were some special feature.
> I cannot believe that e-cash won't be able to solve some of these 
> problems, and I hope it will limit its own fees to usage.  To me 
> this is a classic argument for small house e-cash shops.  Citibank 
> and Mastercard are going to fight for their fees.

how will small shops hope to run with consumer titians like citibank and 
such?  all they need to is announce something nifty like the "electric 
purse" and call it e-cash and the market is closed.
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